Movies: Courageous

I love Courageous, and I love the Kendrick Brothers. Ever since Facing the Giants, they’ve delivered punch after powerful punch with hard-hitting spiritual themes and clean-cut entertainment in their movies. Courageous is no different, and follows their mold while entertaining a new age group and audience. Courageous is a story about fathers who decide to be more than they are socially required to be as leaders of their family.

God is probably the biggest factor in all character’s lives, although whether or not his presence in their lives is the biggest difference they all have. Nothing mixed up spiritually can be found in Courageous, however, and emphasizes large reliance on God and responsibility to Him as a leader to protect and serve your family.

No nothing! Actually, that’s a double negative. There is NOTHING of sexual content in Courageous. There is mention of a boy asking a girl out, and her parents refusing on the grounds that they do not know the boy.

No language, either! (Can this movie be perfect?) Not even a euphemism to be found!

This is where the movie earns its PG-13 rating. Drugs are EVERYWHERE in Courageous, as all four main characters are involved in police activities against drug dealers. Nobody uses the drugs, but they get carted in cars and hidden in stashes all over town. Drug lords seem to be the prime target of the police, however there are a few flunkies that the heroes have to chase down.{Spoilers: Highlight to read} And one of the main characters ends up being a crooked cop and taking small amounts of the drugs they collect as evidence and selling them.

Slight violence, a few fistfights. An incident involves a gang beating pummeling a rookie as his initiation. Near the end, there’s an intense gunfight against the two main drug lords and the heroes. They shoot the leader in the shoulder (no blood, only cries of pain) and eventually get into grappling and punching with them. {Spoilers: Highlight to read} The main character’s daughter is eventually killed in a car accident, which isn’t shown, but still repeatedly mentioned.

Misc. other harmful elements:
{Spoilers: Highlight to read} The main character’s daughter is eventually killed in a car accident, which isn’t shown, but still repeatedly mentioned. One of the characters, Javier, is confronted by his bosses and is asked to lie on how much of a certain thing they have. This is test, however, and his honesty proves him worthy to be promoted to a higher position because he honored God. Thomson is revealed to actually be an absent father of an illegitimate child he had with a high school cheerleader.

Good elements:
Honesty is rewarded, wholesomeness challenged and found to be completely adequate, and fathers are tested in every area of their viewpoints.

Courageous is amazingly courageous. Not to be cheesy, but it is. It points a finger in the faces of fathers, and tells them the standards biblically requires of them. It exposes police work like it is, and shows problems that real families experience and how to deal with them biblically. I truly would recommend this movie to any family. No matter where you’re at, Courageous is both a conviction and a motivation for Godly living.

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