Games: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Skyward Sword! The millennial mark of Legend of Zelda!
Many parents love the series for its wholesome storyline, entertaining puzzles, and creative bosses. But does Skyward Sword measure up to what golden-lined legacy the previous games have left behind?

Big deal here. A lot of points of the game revolve around the Goddess of Skyworld, and save points are called altars. (nothing strange happens, you just save.) But I get tired of continually hearing “The Goddess will save us, The Goddess is good, The Goddess protect them, the goddess the goddess the goddess.” [Spoiler Alert: Zelda is eventually revealed to be the goddess, reincarnated.] Ghirahim is a messenger for the “Demon Lord”, The Imprisoned.  And there’s a friendly monster that lives below Skyworld that calls himself a demon. Now, just to make things simple, I’ll show you this link and let you decide for yourself whether the use of demon is  appropriate for whoever you want to play the game.
My standpoint is that demon, translated from Japanese, means monster. And when a lot of games say demon, they mean monster, as usually the “demon” is depicted as an ogre-like thing or a dragon.

Ghirahim seems to feed off of battle. (I know he doesn’t actually do that, don’t argue with me) But when Link will fight him (numerous times) as a boss, he’ll lick his lips just before brandishing his sword. (eeugh) But that’s actually the only thing I could find even slightly objectionable. An item-check girl does develop a crush on Link, but nothing comes of it.

Absolutely nothing! LoZ is clean as a dishwasher’s top rack!

An occasional tankard in a resturaunt, but nobody actually mentions whether the drinks are alcoholic.

Sword slashing, bow shooting, and cannon blasting are all parts of Skyward Sword. The game is rated Everyone 10 and up for Animated Blood, Comic Mischief, and Fantasy Violence. Animated Blood used to worry my mother, until I showed her what it actually means according the ESRB: Animated Blood – Discolored and/or unrealistic depictions of blood. That basically means a stand-in for bloodiness. The animated blood in Skyward Sword is actually a type of shadowy smoke that puffs out when you slay an enemy. There’s a few spots where plant-like enemies and bosses get dismembered, and a Medusa-type boss has all her tentacles lopped off (very cartoonily) in succession.

Misc. other harmful elements:
Nothing I can think of. I think. My main concerns were just with the monotony of “the goddess” being constantly played out through the game.

Decent elements:
Oh tons! Link is awesome, and brave, and always helps others. Zelda does all sorts of things to save people in her journey, too! And even some bad guys see good isn’t really so bad.

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In all, the game was super awesome. I grumbled a LOT to my family members while playing it, because personally I thought there was waaaay too much backtracking through the same areas, but I decided to forgive it the faults it had because of its lovability. Rating: 4/5


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