Movies: Thor

THOR! The god of thunder and lightning! Wielder of Mjolnir! Ahh, I love the comic books. But the movie is quite different from the comic books. But the concept? AWESOME! I love mythology, and Norse has always been one of my favorites. Thor is the hero of Asgard, viking heaven, champion of gods and men, and warrior extraordinaire. But he has some definite attitude problems to be mended. So his father, Odin Allfather (the big guy upstairs) throws him downstairs and strips him of any godly power to mingle with humans. But when an evil plot arises, only Thor has the power to stop it.

Polytheistic cultures with gods galore! I can’t deny that Norse mythology is fake (hence the mythology part of the title), but some younger children might not know real from fake. (I’m not worried about your children converting to sun-worshipers) So maybe a little discretion is required. Really, none of the human characters actually end up worshiping the gods, rather just treating them like superheroes. Whatever. My parents didn’t care.

A few D-words and H-words. my family watches it with Clearplay, so we end up skipping any language. So just beware.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This recalls a funny scene in the movie where Thor drinks an extremely strong drink called a “Potboiler”. Otherwise, no references to alcohol. Drug content is an absolute zero.

THWWNWAAPANAAANK! Characters are stabbed, smacked, hammered, punched, and blasted. A gigantic beastie does get ripped through the back of the head by Thor flying through it with his hammer, and a guy gets impaled by a sword. Freezing Frost Giants have the ability to frost people (literally), and people are thrown into space. Thor, even without his godliness, can really dish out some martial arts pain. He storms a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility and takes out most of the security guards in the process.

Misc. other harmful elements:
Thor is a pompous, arrogant, headstrong jerk. And really awesome/handsome. He reminds me of me. *poses* But however, something comes into play that many people are worried about. MAGIC is referred to in the movie as the source of power that the gods use. But there is a crucial line that, overlooked, can keep many families from watching Thor. Thor, in a brilliant moment, tells the humans that “What we asgardians call magic and what you call science may be one and the same.” This is further evidenced by machinery-looking things all over Asgard, and “magic” looking suspiciously like lightning.

Good elements:
Thor is sent to earth to become less of a self-absorbed warrior and attain a more king-like quality. Along his journey, he makes new friends, learns the meaning of sacrifice and love, and becomes a true warrior of Asgard. (you can tell I resonate with these themes.)

Thor was amazing! A great movie, with tons of eye-catching special effects, excellent landscapes and sets, and….mediocre acting. Natalie Portman has never been my favorite anyway. That, along with some language, bump this title down from being a top-notch title.

Buy Thor on!


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