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Movies: The Dark Knight

“It’s simple. We kill the Batman.” Those few words jumpstarted the movie. With a thrillride of a plot from the last movie, Batman is cruising. I just recently saw the final chapter, The Dark Knight Rises, in theaters a few months ago. I rewatched this a few nights ago. (Knight, night? ho ho ho.)  But it totally reminded me why it’s one of my favorite movies. But beware, because I am so intimate with this movie, I also know all of its flaws. So caution to you: Not only are there plot twist spoilers, but also spoilers of the “point out every mistake” type. For my first of a few quick peeves, the fighting displayed in the movie is ridiculous. Not only is it slow, unbelievable, and clumsy, it seems like Christian Bale uses the same move about 10 times. *sigh* And a sad lack of freerunning/parkour on Batman’s part. And barely any uses of gadgetry in combat. Sorry if this has become cumbersome. You can skip to the categories if you want. But I will continue. I love the plot. I really, really, love the plot. I am an OCD person by heart, and rarely is justice dispensed so fairly and evenly. But seriously, if you come from some sort of strange background, or enjoy superheroes, this movie is for you. BUT! A big one at that. I caution you. This is an extremely dark film. The Joker is highly deranged, and social experiments, self-mutilation, drug racketeering, corruption of justice, and torture are all subjects in the film. *phew* now on to the categories.

Praying is mentioned once, I think. God never really comes up. Ever.

Bruce Wayne is a playboy, and continually appears everywhere with a new girl on his arm every time. He eventually disappears with an entire Russian female ballet troupe on a cruise. They are shown very briefly in the background in bikinis. Alfred does ask Bruce how to say “may I apply your suntan lotion? in Russian”. Alfred implies that Rachel and Harvey Dent may be sleeping together. And there is a couple in Bruce’s penthouse that have look like they’ve been up to something (readjusting their clothes…looking nervous).

A few D-words, H-words, and one B_______d word. I think they used God’s name a few times too.

Martinis, beers, cocktails, shots, and stuff. What did you expect from a criminal underworld?
Small references to drug dealers, but you never actually see the stuff.

Waaaow. This section is going to be huge. Very, very huge. Characters are punched, stabbed, kicked, bitten, and thrown off of buildings. We even see a guy land a non-fatal fall. The joker forces a mobster’s bodyguards into killing each other for a place on his elite killing squad. (not shown) A main character is thrown out of a skycraper window…and people get shot a lot. A LOT. Like a policeman gets shotgunned in the face, (implied) and the mayor narrowly avoids getting a round of rifle fire. Two-face and Joker continually shoot everyone. Like anybody and everybody. Anywhere. Aaaand there is an especially grody part of the film where he hangs a Batman-wannabe off the edge of the Gotham City PD.

Misc. other harmful elements:
The Joker and Two-face. Just those two are pretty twisted characters. The Joker is a psychiatrist’s crazy dream for testing social morality. Joker’s motives for terrorizing the city are from pure pleasure: Alfred points out to Bruce/Batman that some men don’t have a goal. They just want to watch the whole world burn. Two-face hates the judicial system and the unfairness it presents by giving equality to everyone. Joker is to Batman as Moriarty is to Sherlock Holmes. His existence is purely to keep Batman occupied. The Joker’s constant personal touch of terrorization is to place his flick knife in people’s mouth and ask them “Wanna know how I got these scars?” But he never actually gives people his mutilated facial scars. He just kills a guy (hidden), but nothing else happens. Batman is frequently tested in breaking his one rule: don’t kill. The Joker is always one step ahead of everyone, and plants a bomb INSIDE a guy. -____- Gross. Anyhoo.

Decent elements:
The people of Gotham are a mob mentality, but when threatened, they band together like a family. The Joker tries to show the worst side of everyone, but the people of Gotham show him up. Sacrifices are made, and families are broken, but people remain hopeful. Cops risk their lives, and people pull together to protect one another. Batman refuses to take lives, and people defend each other when in danger. And lots of other importance, responsibility, things, and stuff. You know?

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Rating: 5/5
Aaaaaaaaaanyway, I love this movie. It’s dark, scary, violent, and full of special effects. I don’t know what else to say, except I really liked it.
See ya until next time!