Music: Eye On It by TobyMac

Huh? Oh Hi. I just love this new album. Eye On It really soars! I’ve been a fan of TobyMac’s since Diverse City, and I have thoroughly enjoyed his sound evolution since then. I’ve noticed a definite trend traveling away from rap, and more into soft rock and pop. But this is no ordinary pop album. Instead, Toby blends his unique voice and soul-strewn lyrics with just a hint of gospel choir attitude to bring a piece of solely individual music.

As a devout christian artist, TobyMac has interwoven all sorts of spiritual themes into his songs. Most of them detailing his various trials,

As per usual, my repertoire includes nothing but clean.

I…really have nothing to say here. Because he said nothing there. And so I conclude this section.

Nope. Just a repeat of the last section.

For…a music album? Yeah there’s nothing.

Misc. other harmful elements:

Decent elements:
In addition to being centered around God, Toby’s albums always center around hope. This makes it a plus for listeners, as this album has a hard-hitting punch full of uplifting songs about forgiveness, love, and redemption. My personal favorite is Favorite Song. ^____^
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Rating: 9.8/10.0

As you can see I have implemented my decimal scoring system. Makes it a little more accurate. You’re welcome.


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