Music: Rise by Skillet


From the rock powerhouse Skillet that brought you musical hits like Monster, Hero, and Comatose, comes the brand new album Rise.

This new album brings to the table a plethora of new sounds and lots of old favorites, so buckle up. Haters gonna hate? Well TOO BAD THEY’RE STILL POPULAR!

Admit it, you kinda read this in a “movie-trailer-esque” voice . Well, that’s kinda what John Cooper, the lead singer, seems to be aspiring to with his raspy vocals and songs full of extreme emotion. Skillet is a favorite of mine if not for their vocals, then their instrumentals. Very solid and consistent sound throughout.

The album as a whole was pretty good, even if I thought a few songs were repetitive. A few of the top tracks were:

  • Sick of It–New punk rebel anthem?
  • Not Gonna Die–I foresee this becoming a movie soundtrack later on
  • Circus for a Psycho–Very goth
  • Fire and Fury–Consuming love song with great harmonies
  • My Religion–Fundamentalist gospel music+some great licks

Rating: 7.5/10.0

So that’s pretty much it.Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been wonderful followers, tune in again for another review. But first, before you go:

Be glad it’s not the 90’s anymore.


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