Book: Battling Boy by Paul Pope

battling boy

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New review layout, new theme, more reviews. I’ve been busy. The way I’m structuring the new reviews is the first paragraph is where I evaluate the item in question for its artistic and entertainment value, and the second half is the breakdown of all the content.

Battling Boy by Paul Pope

Mr. Pope is known throughout comics as an excellent artist and writer, but this novel of his truly takes the cake.
Battling Boy (the hero’s name) is a young demigod living in a cloud realm above the Acropolis, a city at war with monsters. The story unfolds quite nicely, paced like a movie which moves quite quickly. Acropolis seems like a pretty normal city, with an after-dark curfew and children playing in the streets…until hooded goblins begin to creep through the alleyways and up on the roofs. They snatch children if they can and brutally attack those who get in their way. Unless, of course, they see Haggard West coming. The hero and defender of the city, Haggard flies his jetpack over the citizens, shielding them from the sinister advances of the monster hordes. The art is quite incredible, with Pope’s signature slanted eyes and iconic typeface boldly bringing readers through the story. The plotline is well put together and believable, with excellent characters that seem to react just the way you think they might. I was hooked from early on in the story and I thoroughly enjoyed the way the book ended. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

Content Advisory: Mild
Age Suggestion: 10-15
Violence: Mild battling, with a bit of wrestling, explosions, and scrapes and bruises.
Substance Abuse: None
Sexuality: A one piece swimsuit (not luffy)
Language: None


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