Games: Bastion

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Bastion is an epic.

Music that sways you like an slow, graceful couple.
Story that hooks you like a fish gasping for air.
Graphics that make you fall in love like that first saturday night date over a sundae.

This game is strange. The first 30 minutes are filled with mashing your mouse button, but you’re so seriously under the game’s spell by this time, you could care less about the controls. This is due in large part to the excellent casting of the continuous narrator, Rucks, and the other part due to the intricate detail the designers went into crafting the world (i.e. music, mood, art, playstyle, combat). Everything feels fresh and interesting, and as you walk, the narrator responds to your every move, limited though they may be, as if to say ‘Yes, you are the player. I’m just watching. What will you do?

The game progresses speedily.
You walk through devastated environments and absorb all the tragedy that has happened because of The Calamity. Every time I open the game up the art swallows me like a warm blanket. It really may be the only game I consider mesmerizing. I listen to the soundtrack constantly. Each time I acquire a new item, a piece of folklore from Rucks materializes.

Honestly, I really, really like this game.
I haven’t seen the ending yet, but I don’t need to. I can just say that this is a game that should be on your “Must Play” list before you die.

How would I quantify this game into a score?

The art gets a near-perfect 9.5/10.
The music gets an 8/10 for being so good, yet not having an in-game jukebox.
The story gets an 8.5/10. Fulfilling, yet mysterious.

Overall, Bastion gets a score of 13/15.

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