Games: Risk of Rain

I don’t think there’s any rain in this game.

The pixelated graphics were the thing that initially attracted me to the title when it first arrived on the Steam Store, but as is the case with many titles, the trailer simply wasn’t enough to sell me. Of course, the game proved to be a blast when my friend purchased it for me to use the multiplayer. The initial difficulty is pretty brutal. My first few playthroughs with no prior experience reaffirmed the fact that I was never very good at any Rogues.

The music is great, a little haunting, but very easy to listen to. The gameplay itself is….interesting. I say this next anecdote only because I have to include it since it happened to me. Once.
I booted up the game, and started a single-player campaign. I proceeded to run to the right….and ran into nothingness. The ground ceased being solid. All enemies on that side of the stage were falling below the screen. That being said, the game itself is pretty incredible. The landscapes are gorgeous even up close when you can see the pixels, and the enemies have been designed really well. I love seeing all the animations (even the character death animations) because I know they are all really well done and entertaining.

After playing for a while, (80+ hours) the game becomes easier as you get more familiar with the items and upgrades available to you. All in all, the game is the least bit glitchy, but definitely worth the money you pay for it. The online multiplayer is not quite up to standard, but the single player is just as rewarding and fun.

Putting this game into numbers is pretty cut and dry.

The art is pretty great; it gets an 8/10.
The music is great for long listening while playing and has excellent composition; it gets an 8.5/10
The gameplay is pretty fantastic for being a Kickstarter game, but some of the problems do detract. I’d give it a 7/10.


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