Games: LYNE

Deceptively Simple, Infinitely Complex.


The game’s tagline does accurately describe the game to a T.
The game is so simple within seconds you understand the entire game’s premise, and the puzzles will continue to stump you. Each time you have mastered the concept of an element, the game will introduce a new component designed not to frustrate you, but to engage you. I have been stuck on LYNE puzzles for days, but I always looked forward to it.

The soothing music, gentle aesthetic and gradual learning curve all made for an extremely soothing atmosphere, exactly delivering on what it promises in the description:

LYNE is a minimalist puzzle game that will knot your brain as it calms your soul.

What I would definitely say for LYNE is this: it is certainly a great all-experience puzzle game, for people who don’t really play puzzle games, and for enthusiasts. Beginners to the genre will find the difficulty appealing and that it will scale appropriately if they manage to breeze through levels. I highly recommend LYNE to lovers of puzzlers as well, because as the levels progress, the game gets increasingly complex and continues to capture your interest.

Score it up:

  • The art is very minimalistic and expertly done. 9/10.
  • The music is pretty quiet, but very soothing and adds to the atmosphere 8/10.
  • Gameplay is a absolute gem, as it works very well with both touch screens and a mouse. 10/10

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