Games: Dustforce


What a blustery day today.

I woke up to find my house in the eye of a storm today. I guess that means I should review Dustforce.

This game is a runner, and moves fast. If you can’t keep up, you can’t even play the tutorial. You either learn quick or go home. The game is not the fastest I’ve seen, but it requires a lot of clarity to correctly realize what to do in the split second you’re presented with it. The whole game revolves around beating the levels quicker and more efficiently, so it might take some time to get a sense of closure from beating the levels.

The art is magnificent, and it’s presented in a great pastel, art deco style that works really well with the fast-paced motion of the game. The landscapes and creatures are designed really well, and I enjoy figuring out each of the quirks of the different areas.

This game in numbers…467f2b2fb3bacc0777ef5a8a76192927
Not too hard to quantify.

    • The art is admirable, and I admire the detail they
      put into all the movement of the characters. 9/10.
    • The music is entrancing, and is very tranquil.
      The heavy beats add to the atmosphere. 8/10.
    • The gameplay can be difficult to get used to
      on account of the controls and the physics
      could use a little work. Jumping is really well done. 9/10.

All in all, 26/30 is how Dustforce scores up with me.

Check out Hitbox Team’s website here.


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