Games: Osmos

Soothing bubbles are relaxing.

Osmos is pretty simple. You are a bubble/microorganism/universe, and you have to absorb other things.

You absorb the ones smaller than you, and avoid the bigger ones until you can absorb them. It’s also very relaxing. The graphics are soft on your eyes, and the music is pretty calming. That isn’t to say the game can’t get exciting. Some levels have actually made me sweat profusely. Repulsors, introduced into later levels, push everything away relative to size and gravity, so it makes it quite difficult when you have gigantic entities bouncing around randomly that can eat you in a single touch. In addition to the Repulsors, there is also the Ferax, which is an intelligent bubble that has the same mission as you: Absorb everything. Including you.

Later levels get increasingly tough, and I have to say I’m really
thankful for the ability to slow down time, otherwise it would be really difficult. There are tons of levels where you literally have no room to move. But you’ll figure it out. Osmos actually has been getting a lot of coverage, gaining lots of deserved popularity.

It even made a cameo in the simpsons for the relaxing music:


Osmos is worth the few dollars you’ll spend on it, unless you absolutely must have some type of story driven action packed game, but I mean, come on, this game is like $5 on Steam during sales. It’s engaging, colorful, and fun.

If I was to put it into a score…

  • The music would get a 8/10.
  • The art would be 8/10.
  • And the gameplay would be 7/10.
  • Overall, 23/30.
    Good game.

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