Games: Binding of Isaac

“Isaac’s Mother burst into the room with a knife.”

Just a warning for those who are easily squeamish; this game is not for you. The graphics are very cutesy but it often showcases grotesque and often gory themes. Now, if you want to continue, we will.

i_am_error_by_ribozurai-d4znlkqIsaac’s mother wants to sacrifice him as a spotless lamb. Isaac escapes into the basement, where he has to navigate hordes of monsters, and to eventually fight his mother.

The replay value is very high, due to the incredible amount of items able to be unlocked. Every time you reach an achievement, there’s always a new boss or item to unlock.

The difficulty can be steep, but the rewards usually are worth it. Like other rogues, you lose all your current items if you die, and health recovery is pretty limited.

I really enjoyed the game, and it was definitely worth the money I paid for it.



  • Art: 8/10
  • Music: 9/10
  • Gameplay 8/10

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