Games: Binding of Isaac

“Isaac’s Mother burst into the room with a knife.”

Just a warning for those who are easily squeamish; this game is not for you. The graphics are very cutesy but it often showcases grotesque and often gory themes. Now, if you want to continue, we will.
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Games: LYNE

Deceptively Simple, Infinitely Complex.


The game’s tagline does accurately describe the game to a T.
The game is so simple within seconds you understand the entire game’s premise, and the puzzles will continue to stump you. Each time you have mastered the concept of an element, the game will introduce a new component designed not to frustrate you, but to engage you. I have been stuck on LYNE puzzles for days, but I always looked forward to it.
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Games: Risk of Rain

I don’t think there’s any rain in this game.

The pixelated graphics were the thing that initially attracted me to the title when it first arrived on the Steam Store, but as is the case with many titles, the trailer simply wasn’t enough to sell me. Of course, the game proved to be a blast when my friend purchased it for me to use the multiplayer. The initial difficulty is pretty brutal. My first few playthroughs with no prior experience reaffirmed the fact that I was never very good at any Rogues.
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